What is a CTI?

Curriculum Technology Integrators or CTIs  are a group of five certified teachers with years of classroom experience that work directly with teachers and students to effectively integrate technology and 21st century skills into the curriculum . They are teachers who possess a strong technology background, leadership skills, a commitment to implementing the District's Technology Plan, and a desire to work collegially towards connecting technology and education for students. We believe the CTIs are a critical support network for teachers so they can more effectively support students' in developing and utilizing technology skills and applications. Since needs vary from the second grade classroom to the tenth grade classroom, or from a mathematics classroom to a social studies classroom, they do not have a daily schedule. Rather, they provide "just in time" or preplanned, individualized or classroom assistance and professional development on a daily basis.  Some of the things you might catch a CTI doing around campus include, but are not limited to:
  • Providing direct support to classroom teachers via coaching, team teaching, or modeling to support student and adult learning in the use of technology.
  • Collaborating with classroom teachers to design lesson plans that appropriately and effectively integrate technology.
  • Creating and supporting professional learning opportunities that enable educators to collaborate, share best practices, and integrate 21st century skills into classroom practice.
  • Model the safe use of technology and web-based applications/learning tools.
  • Assisting students who are using mobile devices.
  • Creating and facilitating professional development for teachers.
  • Providing tech support for students creating a multimedia presentations.
  • Instructing students on the use of online textbooks and technology tools.
  • Coordinating the selection and acquisition of software and emerging technologies in collaboration with the other CTIs, Information Systems personnel, and Associate Superintendent.
  • Working with teachers to incorporate the CFSD K-12 Technology standards into curricular areas. 
  • Training and providing oversight in the use of Synergy (which includes TeacherVUE, StudentVUE, and ParentVUE), our online grading and attendance program.
For more information about the CTIs in CFSD, please read their brief bios below.

Melissa Hall, Esperero Canyon Middle School- I began my teaching career in 1995 as a student teacher at Esperero Canyon Middle School. Although I have spent the majority of the years since then teaching middle school mathematics, I have also worked as a math coach in TUSD and an educational technology trainer for a private company. This year I have the chance to combine my interests by teaching  math and also working with teachers and students to integrate technology into the curriculum. 
I like to see the excitement from both teachers and students when they learn something new or a new way of incorporating technology.  In the same sense, I find it very rewarding to be able to go into other teachers’ classroom and see examples of outstanding teaching practices that I can incorporate into my own classroom.

Noah Mickey-Colman, Manzanita and Ventana Vista Elementary Schools- My parents always told me I’ve been an educator as soon as I was old enough to “educate” so becoming a teacher was a natural progression for me. After getting my Master’s in Education I taught middle school ELA, Math, and Science and embraced innovative and creative ways of teaching that included project-based learning and educational technology. Students were always invested, engaged, curious, and empowered when using these types of approaches to educating them in my classroom. It was rewarding to be a part of that. Therefore, it was a natural step for me to work as a technology coach and collaborate with other teachers so they could begin to use similar approaches and tools in their classrooms. Coaching and collaborating with teachers in educational technology and innovative learning practices has become a passion of mine. I love working with colleagues and then seeing a room full kids inspired by new ideas their teacher has shared with them, having fun, directing their own learning, and deeply engaged in the content. My colleagues and the students we serve continue to amaze me with their excitement for learning and engaging with ideas in new and interesting ways.

Stephanie Olson, Orange Grove Middle School- Before becoming the Curriculum Technology Integrator (CTI) for Orange Grove Middle School, I taught 7th and 8th grade ELA at OGMS. I loved using technology in my classroom and encouraging students to communicate in new ways and create projects to express themselves, often with the use of technology. It has been a natural transition to helping support others with using these features in their classrooms as well. Before my CFSD experience the past several years, I taught high school English in Phoenix and overseas. I bring with me an array of knowledge and skills from my background in English, my previous work as an administration and marketing assistant, and my overall love of technology. It is my goal to help teachers and students use technology in the classroom as well as the Deep Learning Proficiencies (DLPs).

Lynn Pence, Sunrise Drive and Canyon View Elementary Schools- Prior to earning the position of CTI, I taught 7th and 8th grade social studies at Orange Grove Middle School for three years. Growing up, I didn't consider technology a valuable educational tool until I attended college. Taking programming classes, learning how to create and assess projects in the digital format and having professors who encouraged questions without "correct" answers prompted me to look for work in school districts that embraced technology use in the classroom. I thoroughly enjoy finding new tools for teachers to use in the digital format. I am passionate about helping my colleagues implement project based learning elements and systems thinking tools into their classrooms.

Justin Robinson, Catalina Foothills High School- Bio Coming Soon!

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